Lead Magnet and Prequel.

New material required for this as no out takes available and adjustment to creative process –


Not having written anything new on this series for a while and not having any back story to fall back on I knew this was going to be an interesting challenge to come up with a plot that I liked which wouldn’t spoil the first book – for example the characters don’t meet until the first chapter of the first book so how to introduce them and have a cohesive and inclusive plot was either going to be a short story per main character lumped together in some fashion or some kind of new thing I hadn’t yet thought of!

I also needed to confirm the ages of the group as being a year older than they were when I wrote the first book for reasons to do with tractor driving on UK farms and roads relating to age and Health and Safety. Also because the relationships that were forming  had inappropriate age differentials  but the amount of gap produced an angle that was not intended so I realised quite quickly that I was getting into trouble. So the majority of the youngsters are 13 going on 14 as the story starts and the eldest is 17 going on 18 – which keeps all angles of the story above board.

There were a few elements from each character that were unknowns –  but not relevant – as I wrote the series so I decided to use them  to form a new story continuing  to follow the pattern of the school holiday to govern the length – and as this is mean’t to be a lead magnet or taster and likely free  where ever it gets published – I decided that a week/10 days of the Autumn Half Term before the main stories start in the Christmas Holidays would be suitable.


I have added to my usual process by using some Evernote Templates for the Premise building and Project Management and also the Character Arcs  and refreshed my One Note pages – the reason for this is accessibility – Scrivener is half arsed on an iphone and won’t appear on my Kindle Fire – both of which are usually about my person.


I also moved back from the house to 27 – again!

I added Plottr to the process…

Set up Scrivener, yWriter and Novel Factory…

And started writing it 🙂

That done I had a think and using Novel Factory  laid out my outlines ready to write to – oh and shopped around for a few new cast photos 🙂


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